Benefits of going Electric

Here, you can discover all the benefits to owning an electric vehicle.



£0 to pay when you tax your low emission and pure electric vehicles

Fuel savings

100 mile journey costing £13-20 in a petrol or diesel fuelled car. 100 miles will only cost you £2-4 in an electric vehicle.
Dundee City council are also providing free charging at their charge points throughout 2017!

Significantly less maintenance

Oil changes and maintenance of complex mechanical components will be a thing of the past as it doesn’t have an internal-combustion engine or a traditional gearbox, so it has far fewer moving parts

Smart technology

Regenerative breaking and set climate before you get to vehicle because heating and cooling while charging saves more battery for the road


Enjoy a breath of clean air. An electric vehicle emits zero emissions.

More to come!

In the near future expect features being trailed and tested today such as: Wireless charging, charge times getting faster and faster, battery range increasing.

Grants and Charging

Apply for an interest free loan of up to 35k from EST Scotland to cover the cost of your new electric car and up to 100k loan available for businesses. Visit

Funding is also available for your own home charge point. (You must own the land the charge point will be installed on eg. on a driveway). Visit


Charging Guide

If you are not charging at home, you can top up at a charging point.

First of all, you need to get your hands on one of these:

Register for one at and click on ‘Join us.’ You have to enter payment details to pay for electricity where it isn’t free.

Most charge points in Scotland will activate with a Charge Place Scotland card.

Drive up to an available charge point – find one on our map here.


If you’re travelling out of Dundee check out and

The charge point will either have a socket to plug your cable into or cables to plug into your car. Park your car appropriately and plug your car in.

Hold your card up to the ‘scan’ icon (and press start if there is a button) to begin the power flow to charge your car.

There will be an indication that your car is charging.

To finish charging, hold your card up to the contactless point to end the power flow.

Unplug your car and always tidy cables away as you found them to prevent damage.

Visit the contact us page to report a problem with a charge point or if you need further guidance on charging.

Issue with a charge point?

Take note of the charge point number and dial the number on the charge point.

Got any queries? Get In Touch