Have you considered making your next vehicle an electric one?

Electric vehicles in Dundee have a proven ability to save hundreds of pounds every year compared to a petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle.

This goes hand in hand with our mission to reduce pollution levels in Dundee, creating a safer and cleaner environment.

We are committed to help the residents and businesses of Dundee financially with their transport costs and also help lower their carbon footprint.



Who We Are

Drive Dundee Electric is a campaign aimed at the residents and businesses of Dundee. We have all the experience and learning from adopting EV’s in Dundee and we hope to share this and get the city driving electric.

What We Do

We promote EV’s and their benefits, the developments in Dundee and we offer support and advice to anyone with queries, questions or doubts when considering adopting to electric vehicles. Over the years we have been involved with expanding the councils EV fleet and influenced the growing amount of electric taxis in Dundee. We have been installing charging infrastructure in the city and surrounding regions and involved with relevant EV promotional events.

How We Do It

We received funding from the Scottish government and Office for Low Emission Vehicles to become an exemplar city for the uptake of ULEVS. We connect via social media, place all the information you need here, share experiences and attend events to promote who we are and what we do. We respond to everyone looking to uptake EV’s and show them how it is possible now.

Electric Vehicles in Dundee

Discover how Dundee is leading the way in the uptake of electric vehicles. See how Dundee is changing to meet your EV needs and read about those who are already receiving the benefits the city has to offer.

Have a license but no car?

In Dundee

Benefits of going Electric

How much can you benefit from an electric car? Also find a guide to charging and information about the grants available to help with the cost.

About Electric


Lorraine Kelly

“I love my new Nissan Leaf… the forward-thinking city council are at the forefront of the whole electric car revolution”

Dundee Taxis

“Electric taxis always surprise our customers with how quiet they are. The switch from fuel to electricity has saved us thousands – and it’s clean too!”

There are now a total of 108 electric taxis operating in Dundee which is almost 15% of all taxis operating in the city.

Gary McRae, Dundee City Council

“Electric vehicles have reduced the city’s cO2 levels by 987 tonnes so far (Sept 2017)”

Dundee City Council have 87 electric vehicles (and counting) on their fleet, the biggest of any UK local authority.

Elinor, Dundee

“The excellent charging infrastructure in Dundee makes running an electric car very easy. I often plug in to one of the chargers in town, pop to the shops and my Nissan Leaf is fully charged by the time I’m done. I can’t wait to use the charging hubs that are planned across the city. The ability to park for free in the Dundee City Council car parks because my car has zero emissions is an added bonus.”

Erwin, Alyth

“We are now using an electric car since 2012 and will not go back to a petrol car. The drive is smooth, responsive and quiet. With Dundee getting better and better with chargers on several places, free parking in Council car parks what’s not to like. The car has saved us money compared to the ford Ka we had before, with currently over 90.000 Miles you can’t tell us it’s not used. Looking forward to the new charging hubs in Dundee.”

Euan, Dundee University graduate

“EVs are over 60% cheaper to refuel than modern petrol and diesel cars and have only 1% of the moving components, so they’re really reliable. There are EVs that have clocked up over 174,000 miles in three years and only needed a ball bearing replaced.  Switching to an EV from a 70mpg hybrid and charging it at home has saved me £500 per year on fuel and maintenance alone – double that if I only use Dundee’s free public charge points!”

Laundry On-Line

“Our two electric vans have completely transformed our business. Not only have they helped reduced our running costs, but they are much better for the environment and work well with the stop start style of driving that we do on our free pick-up and delivery service. The move over to electric vehicles has been extremely easy due to the excellent facilities for charging in the local Dundee area. We are even considering adding a third electric vehicle to our fleet.”

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